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door Mpho Tutu van Furth

In March we are in the early part of the liturgical season of Lent. In the early church Lent was a long season of preparation for the rite of baptism through which people were inducted into the Christian community. For centuries it was a costly membership, those who professed the Christian faith could be subject to torture and even death.

Europe is no longer the heart of Christendom…many are unchurched, they have turned away from the faith or have never been taught it. Baptism, for many, is more a rite of passage than a ritual of commitment.

In our context the liturgical season of Lent has become the secular season of Forty days to “fix” ourselves…clean up our diet, join the gym, drop a bad habit. None of those are terrible things to do.

But they do draw us away from the purpose of the season, a time to recommit ourselves to our faith. A time to turn away from the temptations of a Godless life and edge our way closer to God.

I wonder how it would be for us, this Lent, if rather than deciding what to give up we decided what to give. Perhaps we would give some of our time in prayer or as a volunteer. Perhaps we would give more of our money to causes we care about. Maybe we would give our talent to a group that needs our help.

On Ash Wednesday and every Wednesday of Lent Joost, Rachelle and I offer you some readings, reflections and prayers in a Lenten podcast. Our thanks to Seth Mook for making it sound so good!

On Thursday, March 16 at 18h00 we will celebrate Evening Prayer with music followed by a potluck dinner (This has moved from the Forth Sunday to the Third Thursday of the month) I hope you will join me.

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